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Tank Fittings

We are manufacturer of Tank Fittings such as Flame Arrestors And Breather Valves.
Flame Arrestors
Flame Arrestors prevent the passage of flames in storage vessels & along associated pipe-work systems & have applications in a wide range of industries including petroleum & petrochemicals, gas, marine & sewage treatment. 
The Series 8300 range of Breather Valves minimise vapour losses from storage tanks during operations whilst preventing internal pressure & vacuum conditions from exceeding the tank design limits. Hence both product & vessels are protected as well as tank environmental conditions.
Pressure & Vacuum Breather Valves
Hydraulically Operated Safety Valve has been designed as a rapid action, internal safety valve to facilitate the emergency shut-down of tanks and vessels used for the storage and transportation of LPG, Ammonia, Vinyl Chloride and other hazardous liquids stored at high pressure and usually at ambient temperatures. The valve will "FAIL-SAFE" under all conditions. 
Hydraulically Operated Safety Valves
Gauge Hatches have been designed to provide secure, vapor-tight, non-sparking access ports for storage tank dipping and sampling functions. 
Gauge Hatches
The Emergency Vent is an economical solution to the present day emergency venting requirements. It is not intended as protection against an internal explosion, but to prevent excessive vapor pressure rise in the event of an external fire. It is available for use in normal, chemical or low temperature service.
Emergency Vents
The Slot Dipping Device has been designed to provide convenient and safe methods for dipping, sampling and product temperature gathering functions in bulk storage tanks containing volatile and hazardous products. 
Slot Dipping Device