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Vermont Technologies provides solution to wide range of metering applications. Each application has been carefully studied to offer most cost-effective, technology driven innovative products. Teltech P.D meters are in services since 1980 in India and at international installations. More Suitable matched for refined petroleum products like Petrol, Diesel, kerosene, ATF, lubricating oil.
• Custody Transfer Metering of Oil Products:
Tank truck, rail car loading at oil depots and terminals, Top & Bottom loading automation, ship Unloading / Loading at marine installation. Our products meet national metrology and industry standards. Our Flowmeters have been approved by a number of regulatory bodies.
• Aviation:
Aircraft refuelling, providing proven accuracy and reliable metering products. offering both conventional mechanical read out as well as digital totaliser. Incorporating the most up-to-date safety and highely accurate measuring standards to suit individual customer requirements.
• Ethanol Batching / Blending / Additive Injection:
Industrial batching application, Ethanol batching / blending at oil depots and Terminals. Additive injection System, Custom built System design and manufacturing. The demand has been driven by governmental regulations and the increasing demand for alternative, clean fuels.
• Truck Mounted Metering:
"Vehical on board metering" products for oil and LPG Tank trucks, customised solutions for refuelling for defence refuellers. Finds application in construction, mining industries. The dependable and accurate 'Teltech' P.D.meter has long been the meter of choice for truck mounted fuel delivery.
• Storage Tanks:
Wide range of Tank Safety & Environmental products such as P/V Breather Valve, Flame arrestors, Slot dipping device, Floating suctions, Emergency vents, Guage hatches. At Vermont, we strive to provide our customers total solution for their Petroleum storage tanks needs.
• Cross Country Pipeline Metering:
Vermont’s pipeline Metering experience includes design and supply of PD Metering with Flow computers and air separators for a wide range of petroleum products. We support the engineering, procurement and construction of onshore pipeline metering projects including associated facilities such as compressors and pumps for metering/regulator stations.
• Railways:
Vermont’s PD Flow Metering solutions have been extensively deployed at Indian Railways’ Railway Consumer Depots (RCDs) meant for storage and disbursal of High Speed Diesel Oil for fueling Diesel Locomotives. High accuracy, low pressure drop and modular construction make our products the metering solution of choice for RCDs.