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Preset Valves

Preset Valves provide an accurate and automatic control of a predetermined quantity of liquid to be delivered through the PD Flow Meter. A typical preset arrangement consists of a Preset Valve mounted on the PD Flow Meter outlet and connected by a mechanical linkage to the preset register fitted below the PD Flow Meter counter.
Preset Valves
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• Compact design
• Accurate shut-off
• Low pressure drop
• Emergency stop facility
• Batch quantity upto 99,999 litres
• Bubble tight two stage cushioned closure
• Optional electrical preset switch for remote pump control
The Preset Valve is of a pilot operated, hydraulically actuated design, which ensures an easy opening and two stage cushioned closure. It consists of a main valve and a pilot valve. The pilot valve is connected to the preset register through an adjustable linkage.

To commence operation, the required delivery quantity is set on the preset register by the help of push buttons. The flow meter counter is reset to zero. Liquid delivery is initiated by pulling the preset handle. This actuates the linkage to move the pilot valve, which drains the pressurised liquid in the main valve causing a pressure drop across the main valve to open it.

At the end of the delivery the preset register knock-off plate gets released in two stage moving the linkage connected to it and allowing the main valve to gradually close in two stages. The rubber bonded seal fitted on the main valve ensures a bubble tight shut-off. The cushioning action of the valve is adjustable with the help of a needle valve fitted on the pilot valve cover
• Road tanker and rail wagon gantry filling
• Custody transfer and inventory control
• Batching, blending and dispensing in petroleum, petrochemical and process control industries
• Type : Pilot operated, hydraulically actuated
• Size : 80 mm NB, 100 mm NB
• Max. flow rate : 1364 lpm for 80 mm (used with TL-03/04 or TLD-01/02)
: 2046 lpm for 80 mm (used with TL-05/06 or TLD-03/04)
: 2273 lpm for 100 mm (used with TL-07/08 or TLD-05/06)
• End connections : 150 Class, ANSI B 16.5, FF/RF
• Max. working pressure : 10.54 kg/cm2
• Temperature : Upto 70OC
• Control : Two stage cushioned shut-down
• Mounting : At flow meter outlet
• Type : Veeder Root 7889
• Display : 5 digit resettable Digit Size : Height 12.7 mm, width 6.8 mm
• Push Buttons : Five (one for each wheel) One SET button on left side and One STOP button on right side
• Control : Mechanically linked with Preset Valve
• Mounting : On flow meter
• Valve Body : Aluminium alloy LM-25 (Standard) Cast Steel ASTM A 216 WCB (Optional)
Stainless Steel AISI 316 (Optional)
• Rubber Parts : Nitrile (Standard) : Viton (Optional)
• Other Wetted : Aluminium and Stainless Steel AISI 410 Parts (Standard) Stainless Steel AISI 316 (Optional)