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Double Case Positive Displacement Flow Meters - PD Flowmeter

Double Case Positive Displacement Flow Meters
Double Case Positive Displacement Meters have been specially designed to eliminate the effect of line pressure on the metering accuracy. Available in a wide range of flow capacities, the Double Case design ensures a high accuracy along with ease of servicing of "in-situ'.

• Safe and rugged construction
• Double case design prevents distortion of measuring chamber due to line pressure fluctuations and ensures high    accuracy
• Easy access to measuring chamber without need of removing the outer casing ensures minimum downtime
• Unique wear compensating vane design for sustained accuracy over a wide flow range
• Separate meter manifold prevents pipeline stresses from being transmitted to the measuring chamber
• Modular construction ensures interchangeable parts lower inventory of spares and ease of service
• Low pressure drop
• Mechanical or electronic readout
The Double Case PD Flow Meter consists of an outer casing with measuring capsule fixed inside. The measuring capsule consists of a bulk meter body, rotor with vane blades and two internal covers. Outer end cover and manifold, bolted to the outer casing, form a closed chamber around the measuring capsule to keepit under equilibrium pressure all the time. The product enters the Flow Meter measuring capsulethrough the manifold inlet and at the same time fills up the space between the outer casing and the measuring capsule. This effectively pressure balances the measuring capsule and prevents distortion due to line pressure fluctuations to ensure a high metering accuracy. The separate manifold design further enhances the performance and accuracy by preventing distortion due to pipe line stresses.

The liquid on entering the measuring chamber causes the rotor to revolve by exerting pressure on the vane blades. The proximity of the rotor to the body forms an efficient seal, while the profile of the body ensures that the vane blades are guided through the measuring crescent. The vane blades divide the liquid into segments and each revolution of the rotor displaces four such segments. The rotor spindle transmits the drive through a pressure tight lip seal in the meter front cover to the pulse \ transmitter or the calibrating mechanism, which calibrates the meter output for a corrected counter readout. All mechanical Double Case PD Flow Meters are fitted with Veeder Root mechanical counters.
• Tank truck and rail wagon gantry filling
• Refineries and high pressure metering in petrochemical, process and chemical industries
• Blending and batching in lube plants, process control and chemical industries
• Microprocessor based automation, remote control and data acquisition systems.
Positive displacement rotary vane
Sizes and Capsule
80 mm, single capsule (Models TLD-01 and TLD-02)
80 mm, double capsule (Models TLD-03 and TLD-04)
100 mm, double capsule (Models TLD-05 and TLD-06)
100 mm, triple capsule (Models TLD-07 and TLD-08)
150 mm, triple capsule (Models TLD-09 and TLD-10)
Flow Range
136 - 1364 lpm (Models TLD-01 and TLD-02)
205 - 2046 lpm (Models TLD-03 and TLD-04)
227 - 2273 lpm (Models TLD-05 and TLD-06)
295 - 2955 lpm (Models TLD-07 to TLD-10)
(Maximum flow rates can be uprated by 30% for aircraft refuelling with ATF)
End Connections
150 Class, ANSI B 16.5, FF/RF
Meter Hand of Discharge
(when discharge facing the counter)
Left hand entry, right hand (for even meter model nos.)
Right hand entry, left hand discharge (for odd meter model nos.)
Positive gear train
Counter :
Mechanical - 5 digit reset, 8 digit non-reset totaliser, weatherproof Veeder Root 7887
Electronic - 5 digit reset, 8 digit non-reset totaliser, flameproof
Unit of Registration :
(Other units available on request)
Litres (TLD-01/02)
Deca-litres (TLD-03 to TLD-10)
Accuracy :
Better than ±0.10% (In accordance with IS:2801)
Repeatability :
Better than ±0.02%
100% to 10% of maximum flow rate
Maximum Working Pressure
10.54 kg/cm2
Upto 700C (Standard)
Upto 2000C (Special)
0.5 cst to 200 cst
(Consult factory for liquid viscosity above 200 cst)
Pulse Output (Optional)
100 PPR, TTL compatible