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Positive Displacement Flow Meter, Master PD Flowmeters, Preset Batching Flowmeter, Tank Truck Loading Flowmeter,
Custody Transfer Flowmeter, Rotary Vane Flowmeter, Manufacturer, Supplier, Service Provider, Pune, Maharashtra, India

Welcome to Vermont Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Based on our field experience with metering installation, we can offer you a complete and customised service. We provide a comphrensive solution from application engineering support, maintainance, repair, calibration and training.
Vermont Technologies is engaged in manufacturing precision products & providing allied services for the Petroleum Distribution Industry. Our solutions are typically deployed at oil depots & refinery terminals; we also design and manufacture equipment for land based petroleum, petrochemical and chemical storage tank farms.

Manufacturers of :

Positive Displacement Flow Meters

Double Case Positive Displacement Flow   Meters

C35 Positive Displacement Flow Meter

Master Positive Displacement Flow Meters

T550 Positive Displacement Flow Meters

Applications :

Custody Transfer Metering of Oil Products


Ethanol Batching / Blending / Additive Injection

Truck Mounted Metering

Other Products

Electronic Registration

Flow Meter Accessories

Calibration Equipments

Tank Fittings